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I really think Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year.  I love giving presents and getting them (if you don't like the latter, you are LYING).  I made individual baggies of homemade truffles for the family and put them in their stockings (which I was going to do as part of your gift, too, Tamara, but then there was that whole chocolate allergy thing...), and I think they really did like them, which is good.  :D  It was a foodie* extravaganza for Angela and me.  Let me see if I can make a combined list of all the AMAZING cooking things we both got:

-Le Creusest grill pan (green!)
-Le Creuset deep dish pie plate (also, green!)
-Le Creuset spatula (for Angela, she's been really wanting one)
-KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer
-Ice cream maker attachment for said stand mixer
-Espresso percolator, coffee grinder, and espresso cups (mmmm....espresso...)
-Heavy-duty baking sheet
-All-Clad non-stick crepe pan
-Half a pound of 70% Valrhona chocolate

And then, while we were at Williams-Sonoma, we saw a Le Creuset saucier for 30% off, and let me tell you, I grabbed it and it never left my hands until we paid for it!  So all in all, it's kind of like we've died and gone to heaven.  We're slowly but surely turning into Ina (all the Le Creuset, the KitchenAid, the espresso percolator, etc....all we're missing is some All-Clad stainless steel and good vanilla!).  Only, without the insanely rich husband.  And buckets and buckets and overflowing buckets of money.  (Angela and I caught her Chefography on The Network this weekend.  The narrator said she and Jeffrey have an apartment in Paris, and we just screamed in rage and jealousy.)

Tamara, you will be proud.  I'm getting Angela addicted to Heroes!  Now that our shows are no longer on in the evenings, all she wants to do is watch another episode of Heroes!  We just finished "Six Months Ago."  She's hilariously dismissive of Peter's power ("Oh, he can absorb other people's powers?  Whatever, that's a dumbass power."), though, to be fair, at this point she doesn't know he doesn't actually need to be in the person's vicinity.  Speaking of Hereos, I've been meaning to read the online comics, but keep forgetting!  Hopefully I'll remember later tonight because after all, I am such a complete sucker for extra, unnecessary canon.  (Thus, I say: bring on the Scottish Book!)

We watched "Jesus Camp" on A&E last night.  While I like Michael Moore and think he's funny (though edging towards Ann Demoncunt Coulter territory, but obviously not as inanely vicious), "Jesus Camp" was not at all like any of his documentaries.  It was very subdued and had almost no anti-religion interviews/commentary in it.  All it did was present these people impartially: live and completely CAHRAZY.  It's a very chilling film to watch; highly recommended, but chilling.  I'm actually grateful there were commercials because I needed a break every so often to relax and let my anger go. 

I suppose I should have some insightful things to say about this past year, but really, it kind of sucked, though it honestly could have been worse.  And Harry Potter.  Goddamn, it was the fucking Potterdämmerung!  That was without a doubt the highlight of my year, as idiotically lame as that may be.  Ah well, on to 2008!  Angela and I are going to ring it in by baking profiteroles (to be served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce), getting tipsy on champagne, and watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN!

P.S.  JKR continues to be adorable when not uncomfortably interviewed by some vaguely disinterested TV show or something.

*I do hate using that word because I feel like it carries horribly pretentious connotations (at least in my mind), and lord knows I really do try hard not to be too pretentious about my food because I can always tell well people are and I LOATHE it.  But I can't think of anything better.

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When I found out Sarah was going to be our roommate, I was excited!  She already came over every Thursday for Grey's Night, so I figured it would be all fun and games every day.  Ha, well, for the first week, it was.  And then Sarah and Angela began to butt heads, and then Sarah started dating Linley (who, btw, just went to jail for a week for DUI...CLASSY), and now Sarah's almost never home.  Literally.  I think we've gone six whole days without having seen her at home once.  Living with Jenny isn't always thrilling either (the rabbit is a little annoying, and she likes the house warmer than Angela and I do), but she's nice, and we don't have as much of a problem with her as we do with Sarah.  So the moral of this story, I guess, is that goddammit, I wish Angela and I could just live by ourselves.

I'm unbelievably sad The Golden Compass bombed at the box office.  And since the decision to make the sequels is supposedly going to be based on the first one's financial success, it's not really looking up for the rest of the series.  I saw the movie, and while it was a good, faithful adaptation of the book, it really lacked oomph without the religious allusions or the cliffhanger ending.  It just felt like a happy-go-lucky Narnia knock-off.

In other movie news, how awesome is RPattz sending an entire fandom into wank mode?  From what I've heard of these books, they're absolute shit and read like bad fanfic, which is unfortunate.  Apparently the character he plays is (literally) a sparkly vampire.  *headdesk*

I love holiday baking!  So far:
-Hazelnut chocolate chip cookies
-Frosted date balls
-Gingerbread men
-No-knead bread
-Peppermint bark
-Peanut brittle
-Beer bread

And because a post of mine isn't complete without mentioning HP: JKR on Pottercast!  I listened to it, and it's amazing how different she sounds when she's not being interviewed by some boring journalist.  Oh, and Amazon reviews The Tales of Beedle the Bard!  If were aren't going to get them ourselves, I suppose this is the next best thing.  The Warlock's Hairy Heart sounds particularly Poe-esque.  Also, I WANT JKR'S HANDWRITING.

Y'know, while I still enjoy Heroes, I kind of think I'm over it.  I was poised to leap right into fandom after the first season, but the trainwreck that was the second season has totally put me off.  I'm glad you managed it, Tamara, because it's obvious that's a major source of enjoyment for you.  But I think I'll just sit back at a distance, mourning the first season.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to watch it and be excited about it whenever it comes back, but I have zero desire to ever rewatch any of the second season, whereas I definitely could sit for hours and gaze longingly at Peter's emo hair watch the first season.  Which reminds me, sometime I need to just suck it up ($60!!!) and buy it on DVD. 


Steve Vander Ark at Prophecy 2007
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Start watching at 1:30.

Ew. Just...ew. That's really the only way I can describe my reaction to that. I think I'm going to try avoiding the Lexicon as much as possible from now on. There's a really cool HP Wiki that looks like it might suffice as a replacement!

No list this time
This makes me want to vomit.  Of all the people who dressed up as Dumblegay for Halloween, I would have never thought, or hoped, that fat pig would be one of them.

I have a feeling one of your entries mentioned this, Tamara, but 24/7 Christmas music on the radio has started here.  Already.  As of yesterday, at least.  I have a sneaking suspicion it may have started on Halloween.  Even for me, a self-professed Christmas music lover, THAT IS TOO MUCH.  Thanksgiving, at the earliest!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it's coming soon, and with it our Thanksgiving Vegetarian Extravaganza!  Sarah is apparently no longer coming because she's going out of town to meet her coke-dealer loser boyfriend's* parents.  Needless to say, Angela and I are infuriated.  Hopefully Jia Yin and Amy will be able to make it.  We would invite more people, but...we don't have any more friends.  D:

LOL at Steve Vander Ark v. JKR.  I mean really, Steve.  You didn't think that regurgitating Jo's canon and selling it wasn't going to get them on your ass?  And you're surprised that she's been supportive of your FREE WEBSITE, but is now not being supportive of this lame book?  Give me a fuckin' break.  I used to think Steve was pretty cool (because hey, the Lexicon's pretty badass), but after listening to him on Pottercast, I've realized he's really pretty douchey.  So, HAHA at that fiasco.  I hope Jo wins.

And speaking of her, BITCH,  I guarantee that by printing that and making it available to EVERYONE, you'd raise so much more than just auctioning off the one.  I'll totally admit I'm in full fan-entitlement mode here.  So many people have said they would absolutely love to read "The Tales of Beedle the Bard," including me!  So what do you do?  You write it, but then make it so only some rich fuck who probably doesn't give two shits about HP can buy it.  Bitch plz.

OH!  I nearly forgot about the His Dark Materials/Dumblegay fiasco with Angela's conservative bitch of an aunt.  Brace yourselves, this is a good one!  It starts out with an email from Angela's aunt Anna:

And sorry, I don't have cool, nighttime jack-o-lantern pictures because it's really fucking hard to take good nighttime pictures with my dinky little camera.  So have some day-time ones!           

P.S.  RPattz as Dalí in gay Dalí movie...sign me up!

*Long story.  Her boyfriend (whom she started dating while he was dating another girl, CLASSY) apparently used to (maybe still does, we're not sure?) sell coke and various other drugs.  And he stays here at our house all the time.  And he's a loser who can barely hold a restaurant job, even though he graduated college. 

Happy Halloween!
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From Karen Walker.

More later (when I don't have studying and sleeping to do) including His Dark Materials/Gay Dumbledore debate with Angela's conservative family, pictures of our vaguely-HP-riffic jack-o-lanterns, and Steve Vander Ark v. J.K. Rowling.  And something else that I can't remember at the moment.  Maybe.

Lists are just easier to write
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  1. GRE Monday morning.  Though I feel vaguely nauseous every time I think about, I don't think it's quite sunk in yet.  God preserve me when it does.
  2. Jo. wonderful woman, you.  Dumbledore ♥.
  3. Alfonso Cuarón and David Thewlis...I love you both.  Even though I still think your Remus looks like a child molester.  But apparently a gay one, at that!
  4. Shit is sort of going down with the roommates.  It's not very pretty.  Jenny is okay, but Sarah vs. Angela is a battle of epic proportions.  They're at a truce of sorts right now, but the red wine stain on the counter that has not been cleaned up for over 24 hours is rapidly chipping away at Angela's patience.
  5. Pumpkin carving party tonight!  With homemade applesauce and apple bundt cake!  Now all we need to do is get the pumpkins.  And patterns.  And carving tools.
  6. When studying from my GRE prep book, I nearly cried when I came to this practice essay question because all I could think was, "WHY COULD I NOT HAVE HAD THIS QUESTION ON THE ACTUAL TEST DAY?!  I WOULD HAVE ROCKED THAT SHIT.  AND GOTTEN AN ONTD SHOUT-OUT IN THERE.": Do you agree or disagree with this statement: A country's obsession with celebrity always increases when its citizens need a distraction from the harsh realities of war and economic strife?
  7. I think Angela's and my apple pie may just be a religious experience.  I know I nearly had one while eating it.
  8. Angela keeps telling me I should date.  Easy for her to say.  I have what I suppose is an opportunity (Facebook, the savior of antisocial nerds everywhere).  Yea?  Nay?
  9. When stressed, in lieu of comfort-eating (though not really, because I do that, too), I comfort-read.  Am nearly finished with Wit'ch Gate.  It's doing a brilliant job of distracting me, which is incredibly welcome.
  10. Rachael Ray, that sell-out cunt, is fast becoming an train-wreck of Sandra Lee level.  Todays 30 Minute Meal: Strogie-hoagies.  A cruel and unusual abomination of stroganoff in a hoagie.  (Incidentally, the Antichrist herself is actually on The Network right now, with her Halloween special.  Watch if you you want a lot of nasty, gratuitous cleavage and laughs.)
  11. Tamara!  I read the epic email of DOOOOOOM, but haven't replied yet!  Because it's so long!  But, yes, I have read it!  It's interesting, lol.  Why don't y'all just email???
  12. Oh, and we have a new member of our Le Creuset family!  A 2.5-quart orange saucier!  (Mom picked it up for us half-off at a Le Creuset outlet store in Michigan.)  It made the most perfect caramelized onions I've ever cooked in my life.  Angela and I are fighting the urge to buy a second (the dark green from Williams-Sonoma) because they're apparently discontinued, and we both want to have one whenever we move apart.  I just don't want it to sell out!  But we've been spending so much money recently!  DDDD:  We'll have to decide soon, though.

Wallowing in boredom while Angela and Andrew watch Nightmare on Elm Street
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  1. Spent $500+ on clothes this weekend.  Half of which was for a coat.  But it's an amazing coat.  And amazing clothes.  I look at it like this: it's making up for the 21 years I have spent not buying myself clothes.
  2. Still flipping out over taking the GRE and applying to grad school.  Both of which I have not yet done.
  3. Continue to wish I could just marry a rich Jew and cook and throw parties in the Hamptons 24/7 à la Ina Garten.
  4. Dreamed that I had cancer last night.  (Not a fun dream.)
  5. Pure genius.
  6. Should probably get out more.

Digging oneself even deeper
Dear Jo,

I sympathize with your math problems.  I really do!  Mathematics is the utter, utter bane of my existence.  (Aside from Sandra Lee.)  So what if you once said Dumbledore was once 150 years old?  You probably had to come up with that answer on the spot, off the top of your head!  I don't blame you, at all.  But honestly.  Surely you or someone along the line should have noticed that Dumbledore couldn't have died in 1996.  He died in 1997!

Oh Jo, stop proving the anti-interview/website people right!


Why the fuck am I up so late?! D:
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Because it's so incredibly easy to tell the difference between an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old.

BULLSHIT is what I say to all that.  I'm interested in what's going to happen to ponderosa121 and elaboration, as - according to an LJ employee - they were banned because their artwork was depicting minors in sexual situations without artistic merit, predating this new decision to completely forbid any minors in sexual situations in art. 

Considering the fact that the post mentions "a lot of misinformation regarding the two users who were permanently suspended on Friday," you'd kind of think they'd go on to clear that up.  Apparently not so.

Oh, and check out the "LJ is pro-ana" wank in the comments ON THE FIRST PAGE LULZ.  (It's actually kind of disturbing how cavalier coffeechica [who works for LJ] is about the pro-ana communities, especially considering some of the comments from people saying they have reported these communities and nothing happened as a result).

At least fic is okay.  Maybe?  Kind of?  A little?  Oh, LJ...clear as ever...

And Tamara, here's at least one good reason for not living in Germany anymore.  That shit is even more hideous than the UK children's edition!

All right, a shit-ton of work to do tomorrow, going to be so fucking tired, MUST GET TO BED.

Fandom, fandom, and more fandom
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Poll #1035022 Canon or not?
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Do you consider JKR's statements (i.e., outside of what's written in the book) about the plot to be canon?

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So there's this whole movement going around where people are saying that anything JKR says outside of the books is not considered canon. 

Am I the only one who says, "Her books, her world, her canon!"?  I do understand that she contradicts herself at times (saying Grindelwald was dead before DH, waffling semantically over Snape's status as a big damn hero, Hermione's middle name, tweaking the rules of the Fidelius Charm, and being confusing about Ron's future occupation), but it all reeks a little of fandom entitlement to me.  :\

Personally, I'm all about twisting/selectively ignoring bits of canon to fit however you want to interpret it.  So what if she says Harry was an Auror and Luna married Rolf Scamander?  Write a fic where Harry plays Quidditch and Luna marries Neville!

Fandom is one great big sandbox.  Go play in it!

Speaking of fandom movements, what on earth is this wave of James hate about?!  Suddenly he's an immense, utter dick and Snape deserved to be Lily's one twu wuv.  Because certainly Saint Snape was a harmless pixie who never did anything wrong, ever.

Let's have a little chat about what split up Lily and Snape.  He became friends with Death Eaters and called her a Mudblood.  Or, if this were 19th century America, he became friends with the KKK and called her a nigger.  I don't fucking blame her for cutting his ass out of her life.

Anyway.  Strikethrough '07: The Bolding.  Here's the thing.  I'm pretty sure I won't be affected by it.  Pretty much because I don't write.  Or draw.  Because I have no talent.  But I really do feel angry on behalf of those who do.  I saw ponderosa's drawing (but not elaboration's), and it didn't look terribly questionable to me.  Graphic?  Yes.  Child porn?  No.  Anyway, I wouldn't leave LJ if fandom left, I'd just be at both places.  I even got a GJ, though I don't know what I'd use it for since...hello, not going to get suspended anytime soon.

But I won't be giving LJ any of my money.  Paid accounts are fucking expensive as hell anyway.

Makes me wish I could write some underage incest PWP and post it, just for the lulz.  XD

P.S.  Dumbledore/Grindelwald is my new fucking OTP.  Who the fuck thought I'd be shipping Dumbledore (not to mention Grindelwald!) at the end of it all?  Go figure.  XD  (Yes, Tamara.  Pls to be getting it over with.  I know that Grindelwald was a Dark Lord, too.  I am still coming to terms with this fact.  I can take it.  Have at me!  Sorry.  lol.)